3 Years After, Dehinde Fernandez’s Widow, Halima, Remarries Younger Lover


Ambassador Plenipotentiary, Chief Anthonio Dehinde  Fernandez,  who died on the 1st September 2015,  is probably happy that his widow Halima has found someone else and moved on with her life. Whatever the case with the dead and apparently forgotten man whose wife has moved on, his friends and family would never forget how his widow, Halima, looked distraught in the wake of his death.

So devastated was Halima that hardly anyone imagined that she would get over her beloved husband, Fernandez, so soon and thereafter remarry a younger lover 3 years after. The marriage ceremony which was well attended by Halima’s  family and friends yesterday,  generated a buzz in high society as everyone marveled at her rapid evolution from a distressed widow to a beautiful bride.


It would be recalled that when Dehinde plunged into eternal sleep, Halima’s sad, heartrending tears and lamentation evoked pity from friends and family who spared no niceties in eulogizing her late husband.
Her eyes were bloodshot as she succumbed to grief and the immense weight of her loss. Those who could among her loved ones fought back tears and those who couldn’t joined the widow in wailing.

Fast forward to yesterday, July 11th and you have a colourful picture of Halima laughing heartily and swaying to the melody of her newfound love, in the arms of another man with whom she currently shares a pulse

As you read, brilliant spokes of bliss and innate peace beam from Halima, like the incandescent shine that bleeds through the clouds and bathes the night in a promising dawn. The popular socialite has decided to make the best of what life has thrown her way. Hence her bright smiles are back and her optimistic and infectious personality revitalised after a long spell of gloom.

Indeed, no one wishes to be buried with the corpse of a loved one, no matter how deeply they were in love with each other. At the end, after the crying and mourning is over, everybody moves on; like Halima has moved on. Having mourned her late husband for a while, the beautiful socialite is back on the grind and she doesn’t look like she would lose steam or quit anytime soon.  (TheCapital)


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