7 Solid Reasons Buhari Will Win 2019 Re-election


While many Nigerians have given a scornful and sour stare at the president for declaring his interest to contest in 2019 for a reelection, NIGERIA NEWS have gathered ample information indicating that the old man may perhaps win the election with 7 solid reasons Buhari may win 2019 re-election.

According to some gossips going on around the political hemisphere of the country, President Muhammadu Buhari had failed woefully in the administration of this country and many have really lost hopes in him.

Some on the contrary, however, believe that the president is working and that progress exists, though very slow, and quite unnoticeable to the myopic minded amongst the politicians and masses.

Below are some of the reasons NIGERIA NEWS believe Buhari may win 2019 re-election;

Incumbency Factor

It is a popular theory in Nigeria that it’s often difficult for an outsider to upturn or upstage a serving president or governor. This is because the incumbency factor always come play.

Considering the fact that Buhari would be conducting the 2019 election, and it is, in fact, a great possibility that circumstances may play to his favour before and during the election.

Many Countries around the world including China, Egypt, Burundi, Russia amongst others have had their presidents being able to win another term because of the incumbency factor. If one was not to go far, Governor Obiano of Anambra won a second term on the plus favour of incumbency factor.

If Buhari plays the incumbency card well, it may as well work well for him.

Registered Voters

Recent reports from the coffers of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the total number of registered voters as at the end of January 2018 was 73, 944, 312 voters.

The Northwest alone had a total of  18, 505, 984 and its counterparts, the north-central and northeast had  10, 586, 965 and 9, 929, 015 respectively.

The South East had a total of 8, 293, 093 while the Southwest had the second highest number of registered voters with 14,626,800. The South-south, on the other hand, had 11,101,093 registered voters.

From all indication, the SouthEast have thrown their weight behind President Buhari in 2019, and with the help of the APC and the Jagaban group, Buhari may also get the South West.

Previous elections have often favoured President Buhari in the North. If the North and Southwest settle for Buhari again, then certainly he will be re-elected.

Opposition’s Disarray And Lack of Viable Opposing Aspirants

The wild wind of anti-corruption in Nigeria which has rocked the ship of the PDP coupled with past records of misrule has demonized the main opposition party in Nigeria.

With the media and court trials of the party members under the Buhari administration, a voter might refuse to use an umbrella under a heavy downpour or scorching sun to prevent an indirect support for or representation of the party which uses an umbrella as its logo.

Nigerians have become so disillusioned that the electorates are wary of trying the new crop of young leaders like the publisher of Sahara Reporters Omoyele Sowore, or even the motivational speaker and entrepreneur Fela Durotoye amid the recent troop out of youths to participate in politics.

Ultimately, a return to the PDP days would imply ‘free looting’ and this abruptly be a cul-de-sac; since the Nigerians cannot move forward or backwards, automatically, Buhari remains the most viable option.

War Against Insurgency

The menace of insecurity devastated the country for some time, and Buhari on assumption office made it a primary mandate to combat and put the menace to a halt.

Whether the Boko Haram have been quashed absolutely, no one can really say. Perhaps the parents of the Chibok girls would be able to answer that someday.

However, there is no denying the fact that it remains a political point for president Buhari that he was able to put the Boko Haram under tremendous control. Additionally, the efforts of his administration to secure some of the Chibok girls and subsequently the Dapchi girls have given him a better position against his primary opposition-the PDP.

Anti Corruption War

President Buhari’s commitment to fighting corruption is applauded by many Nigerians, home and abroad particular with the recent release of names of looters.

The Buhari administration has been the most steadfast in the fight against corruption despite frustrations and setbacks from all angles.

In the fight against corruption, many are of the opinion that no previous administration has performed better than President Buhari.

Also, the anti-corruption crusade is yielding result as Nigeria recently rose 24 places on the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business rankings, and earned a place on the list of top 10 reformers in the world.


One of cardinal programmes President Buhari announced upon the assumption of office in 2015  was the initiative- the Social Investment Programme (SIP), which was targeted at creating employment opportunities for Nigerian graduates flooding the labour market.

The scheme is also targeted at feeding public school children and providing N5,000 monthly stipends to some of the nation’s poorest people.

N-power is another component of the scheme. The N-Power is aimed at engaging unemployed Nigerians with a monthly stipend of N30,000.

Currently, 200,000 volunteers have been recruited nationwide while another set of 300,000 graduate volunteers have been pre-selected for the next round of the programme.

Internally Generated Revenue

During the course of the administration of President Buhari right from the assumption of office in 2015 to this present moment, the Nigeria Customs Service has recorded its highest-ever revenue collection, crossing the One Trillion Naira mark.

Also, the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB), under the leadership of Professor Ishaq O. Oloyede who was appointed by President Buhari in 2016, remitted N7.8 billion to the coffers of the federal government.

Deviously, the previous leadership of the board only remitted  N 51 million within the time frame of 2010 and 2016, before Oloyede made the massive returns to the government coffers- a good indication that Buhari knows the right men for the job.

President Buhari’s re-election will assure Nigerians of more income for the country and an increase for the nation’s treasury.

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