Another couple poses nude for their maternity photoshoot (Photos)


These artistic maternity photos have got people talking for obvious reasons.

The photos have since gone viral since their release on social media.

Like the new rave of the moment, a couple has also shared raunchy photos from their maternity shoot.

In recent times, many couples are going all out for their shoots and this may be a very tasteful and artistic concept according to some but to others it may just be a little too much as the pictures reveal the expecting mother is barely clothed despite the shimmering body paint.The couple looked so happy as they posed together and the man who was wearing shorts cradled his wife’s baby bump.

See photos below:


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3 Comments on “Another couple poses nude for their maternity photoshoot (Photos)”

  1. She is very Foolish to have agreed to do this, moreover why is the husband not totally naked like her? Why is he half nude. Nonsense couple.

  2. I pity you. Where is the sanity or dignity of woman’s body. Must we do what others are doing? Mad people walkabout nakedly without a sense of shame and they are seen naked globally yet we say it’s their joy.
    Think about the innocent child being mocked with this pix of shame tomorrow.
    Think about their future ambitions that can be dented by this act.

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