Bride slaps mother-in-law on wedding day over party jollof rice

Bride slaps

One of the major problems at Nigerian parties especially weddings, is the fact that the food is never enough, at times it is the fact that there are not enough chairs and food for guests.

This majorly happens when more guests than the planned budget attend the ceremony. And this issue of no food for guests has caused major problems for a family that was supposed to celebrate their union.

A Twitter user identified simply by his handle Hausa Boy has taken to the microblogging platform to recount an experience a co-worker narrated to him. The Twitter user revealed that a wedding had scattered after a bride slapped her mother-in-law.

According to Hausa Boy, the families had prepared food separately, as it is usually done by Yoruba families at ceremonies.

The tweet stated that the food on the groom side had finished by the time an important guest from the groom’s mother’s family came. In other to entertain the guest, the mother-in-law went to her newly acquired daughter-in-law to request for food but she refused.

However, the woman ignored the bride and went ahead to get the food from the bride’s side, the bride went to confront and embarrass her mother-in-law and in annoyance she slapped the bride but the bride who wasn’t afraid of consequences of her action returned the slap.


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