Cambodia arrests Nigerian couple for $424,999 bank fraud


Two Nigerian nationals were arrested in Phnom Penh on Monday for allegedly digitally stealing more than $424,999 from a bank.

Chea Sok, deputy police chief of Prampi Makara district, identified the suspects as Rejoice Isaac Chibunna, 48, and Isaac Chibunna, 50.

Sok said the arrests were made after a lawsuit was filed by Leng Sovannavat, a representative of FTB bank in Tuol Kork district. The lawsuit alleged the two accused stole more than $400,000.

On March 26, 2018, FTB bank had received an information from City Bank, USA, about transferring $50,000 to the couple’s account at FTB bank. On March 29, they went to the bank to withdraw $424,999 and then transfer it to China.

But on April 5, FTB bank got another information from City bank that the couple duped one of their clients and the duo were promptly arrested when they went to the bank again to withdraw the money left in their account.

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