CONFIRMED: Dino Melaye Was Never Kidnapped

Dino Melaye

Although Dino Melaye, the senator representing Kogi West, resurfaced on Friday to claim he “spent 11 hours in the wilderness”, SaharaReporters can confirm that he was never kidnapped.

Melaye was scheduled to be arraigned on Thursday before the Magistrate court in Abuja for alleged gunrunning, but the trial could not hold due to the claims by Senator Ben Bruce, quoting Melaye’s brother, that he had been abducted by unknown gunmen.

On Friday, he wrote on Twitter: “I thank God once again for escaping another dangerous attack. I also thank Nigerians for their prayers and show of Love. Spent 11 hours in the wilderness traumatized but God preserved me. God is the best and in whom ONLY I trust. They will continue to try. WE SHALL OVERCOME!!!”

Contrary to those claims, Melaye’s relatives and many senators have told SaharaReporters that he was never kidnapped but only staged a walk into a bush to avoid being charged before a Kogi High Court.  (SaharaReporters)

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2 Comments on “CONFIRMED: Dino Melaye Was Never Kidnapped”

  1. I watched on “sesame street” many years ago, this kind who would come to out to the village square screaming …help!!! there’s a big bad wolf coming to get me !!! All the villagers would coming running to his aid…….but he would laugh and say it was just a joke . He did this a number of times & each time he would laugh at how easily he could fool the villagers.

    Then one day the boy was playing along near the bushes and along came the big bad wolf and the boy screamed for help. …..only this time nobody came….because nobody believed him….. Get it?

    Bob Marley also sang about fooling people, Im sure you remember the lyrics!

  2. I remember watching on “sesame street” many years ago, this boy who would run to the village square screaming “A Wolf! A Wolf! .. A big bad wolf is coming to get me”
    The villagers would come rushing to his rescue but he would laugh it off as just a joke.. he did this several times & each time they came to rescue him they realized it was all a joke.

    One day the boy was playing alone near the bushes and suddenly there he was face to face with the Big Bad Wolf… He screamed for help…. several times, the villagers heard him but they did not respond because they thought he was ___________
    ……You know the rest !

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