From Ghana to Congo…AITEO Boss, Benny Peters, Invades Congo, Lands Plum Mining Contracts In DRC


Benny Peters, the much-talked about oil magnate, is an international deep pocket. Just recently, he was awarded mining license in Congo with a company called Bravura. There is no gainsaying Peters is an inspiration to most of his hangers-0n; he paved his path to acclaim like the proverbial fortune hunter who dared the odds and braved through storms to create eternity from a moment. Before he relocated to Ghana and spread his genius across the African business landscape, Peters commanded affluence and his name caused doors of opportunities to swing wide open for cronies and associates.

So intimidating was his profile that cutthroat rivals silently prayed that he suffered a lull when former President Goodluck Jonathan bowed out of office and President Muhammadu Buhari took over. But since President Buhari became the President of Nigeria, Peters has appreciated in worth and fortune.

The Aiteo boss prospers at home and abroad even as numerous oil barons in the Nigerian oil and gas sector faded off the socio-economic scene. Rather than fade off, Peters, arguably one of the big boys in the oil and gas sector restrategised and advanced his genius into fresh African territories. Findings revealed that he relocated to Ghana and now Congo, to experience fresh challenges and make even more exciting conquests.

Peters’ wealth bears the sweet, dazzling glow of infinity; pundits would say it’s because he worked for it. Even his detractors would acknowledge that he toiled really hard to attain his current height. Little wonder Peters’ name easily pops up on the list of the movers and shakers of the Nigerian oil sector

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