London Based Nigerian Big Boy, Adesanya Olamide Omolaja Humiliated For False Allegation In Thailand

Adesanya olamide omolaja

Well O Well, the classic insurance scam, claiming your laptop got stolen whilst on holiday abroad, get back home file in a claim with accompanying police report from the country where the laptop got “stolen” then cash in, except that sometimes even the smartest thieves run out of luck, that was the case of Adesanya Olamide Omolaja who lost his expensive mac book laptop in the UK, but travelled to Thailand with hopes of falsely claiming that his laptop got missing while he was there, the police caught him and confronted him with hard evidence of CCTV footage that dug a very huge hole in his story and the rest as you can see was painfully humiliating! this gentleman was a financial adviser in the UK! I mean what else would someone ask for aside the urge to satisfy their internal GREED!!???

Checkout the video below:

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