Man recounts how he forgave his wife-to-be who cheated on him with his younger brother

An aggrieved man and Twitter user @VJBritemanlive took to the platform to recount how he forgave his wife-to-be, who cheated on him with his younger brother till she got pregnant for him.

Man recounts how he forgave his wife-to-be who cheated on him with his younger brother lailasnews 1

According to the man who disclosed that the incident occurred in October 2017, he almost committed suicide. He also noted that he thanks God that his wife-to-be cheated on him with his ‘own flesh and blood’, and not some random guy.

His tweets reads;

My pregnant fiancé cheated on me with my lil brother in October 2017 & I nearly committed suicide they both profusely apologised & the hardest thing was forgiving them but I did cause I love em both. Last night my shawty gave birth & my lil bro is the father. I literally cried

But realised how much I’ve cheated on her & how many times she’d forgive me so I’ll heal through a reciprocity of vulnerability. When you deeply love someone you’ll forgive them no matter what they do & forgiving is actually part of love. & I love this woman with all my heart

Last night I kissed my beautiful fiancé “The Queen of my heart” on her forehead & told her “Baby we are going to raise our daughter together & my lil brother is also gonna be the part of her life cause we cant punish an innocent child & It’s fair to the baby to have both parents”

Eversince Sne & I met, she has never cheated on me with other niggas not even once, with my bro I understand cause I was not there when she probably needed me the most & my bro was there & sometimes I thank God she cheated on me with my own flesh & blood than some random nigga

Anyway our Zulu culture allows us to re-marry or marry our brother’s wives/girlfriends when they’re dead, so what I did hopefully some of y’all learn to forgive especially when you truly & profoundly love someone. My bro’s child is my child & we Gonna raise ubaby Nosipho together

Real love conquers all. Cela nisibeke emkhulekweni. it’s not easy but with your prayers I know we’ll get through this.

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