OH LA LA! Ghanaian Actress, Ella Mensah Set The Internet On Fire With Raunchy Photos

Ghanaian actress Ella Mensah has set the internet on fire with raunchy new photos of herself to celebrate her birthday.

The actress who is well known in the Nigerian movie industry is known to be daring with her looks and even her acting, thus these photos were somehow expected.

Ella in an interview early this year revealed what acting has cost her. In her words;

My baby-daddy broke up with me because I’m an actress. He asked me to chose between him and acting. When I told him I wanted to act, he was like “No, no… You’ll be exposed. Every man would want to be with you because you’re famous. I can’t stand that kind of competition and pressure”. We broke up even before I started acting. My immediate ex also had problems with me because of some of the comments some men leave on social media. I was so open with my ex that he could log into my Instagram page because he has my email details and so on, so he goes through my DM. He sees all the messages and Nood pictures men sent to me here and there. Acting has broken two relationships of mine. That word ‘actress’ scares most African men, I don’t know why. Acting has cost me two break ups. It takes a man with balls to want to date an actress. I don’t blame them though, feeling insecure that every man wants to be with you, but they forget that it doesn’t matter how many men want to be with you, you want to be with just one man. They are like “the temptation is huge and you might not be able to say ‘No’ to all the men who want you.” It’s really frustrating. Being an actress, you always have to prove to your man that you are faithful.

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