‘Tinubu should wade into Ikorodu apc crisis’ – Group


ALL Progressives Congress (APC) leaders in Ikorodu Division Constituency I, Lagos State, have urged Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to wade into the controversy generated by the ward and local government congresses.

Party leaders, including alhaji Lawal Animashau, Alhaji Waheed Owokodu, Ahaja Funmi Basorun, alhaji Musilu Sulaimon said “a selfish, dubious and insignificant minority” is imposing illegal ward and local government list of party officers.

In a letter to Tinubu, they said: “We held consensus-based congresses in our wards and LGAs in Ikorodu Division wherein the interests of all the tendencies and stakeholders were collated and included in the lists, and accordingly signed by all and submitted to the secretariat of our party.

“However, we were surprised and disappointed to discover that certain selfish and influential political office holders, who were also signatories to the agreed lists aforesaid, went behind and clandestinely submitted another lists totally and radically different from the one agreed to by all.

“These unscrupulous few have succeeded in getting their one – sided and out rightly lopsided lists approved by the State Secretariat of the party as the authentic lists for our Constituency.

The one – sided lists are now being used for purported swearing – in ceremonies of party Exco members in the state and our constituency which swearing in ceremonies were purportedly held on May 30 and 31.

They added: “The lopsided lists do not and cannot represent the true state of affairs in our constituency and division and as such should be declared as illegal and preposterous while the lists attached herewith for your information should be officially recognised as the authentic one, having been signed by all stakeholders and tendencies within our party in our constituency.

“This is the only way to engender peace and unity in our constituency.

“This complaint is forwarded to your good offices so that justice and equity could be done and needless rancor and violence averted in the match towards 2019. We await your quickest and patriotic intervention in this regard.”

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