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2023: Northern Group Cautions Tinubu, Insists On Osinbajo, Zulum Ticket

2023: Northern Group Cautions Tinubu, Insists On Osinbajo, Zulum Ticket %Post Title






Following his declaration of intent to contest the 2023 Presidential election, a group, Northern Conscience 4’ 2023 (NC4’2023) on Thursday in Abuja cautioned for former Lagos State governor and national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Bola Tinubu, to allow younger candidate a shot at the post.

Speaking to journalists, the National Coordinator of the group, Dr Garus Gololo, described Tinubu as a father of the governing APC “who with his age, should maintain his position as a party leader whose focus should be to groom the younger ones.”

According to him, while it is the right of bonafide members of the APC to seek to contest the presidential election on the party’s platform, it is, however “not good for a lion to fall down. But when it runs into an Elephant, it is most likely to drop.”

The NC4’2023 disclosed that results of a nationwide consultation conducted among party stakeholders revealed the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, and the Borno State Governor, Professor Umar Zulum, as preferred choices for the party’s presidential and vice presidential candidates, respectively.

Gololo also disclosed that Osinbajo “has so far demonstrated loyalty and humility as the Vice President, thereby making the executive rancour-free.

He also has displayed immense capacity in handling the economy especially, considering his role and contributions as Chairman of the National Economic Council.”

While insisting that he does not have a close relationship with both men, Gololo further urged younger Nigerians with proven capacity to join in the move to ensure a professor and professor presidency In 2023.

This he hoped will bring about infrastructural and economic development for the country, while placing Nigeria on the path of pairing up with the rest of the 21st-century world. (Daily Independent)

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