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Ayu vows to complete abandoned PDP secretariat

Ayu vows to complete abandoned PDP secretariat





National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Iyorchia Ayu, has said the party would explore every legitimate means to generate funds to complete its abandoned national secretariat in Abuja.

The 11-storey building located at the Central Business District, Abuja, was abandoned after the opposition party lost power at the centre in 2015.

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Ayu, who visited the site, yesterday, said the PDP under his watch would not allow the building to be wasted. He  said the building, when  eventually completed,  would  boost the revenue of the party, as part of it would be commercialised.

“Every option will be considered. It is too premature for me to say categorically that this is exactly what we will do; but we will consider every possible option to make sure that this building is completed and is used to generate revenue for the party and provide sufficient offices for the party.

“PDP will occupy three floors, and the rest will be commercialised to generate revenue for the party. And this is Central Business District. So not completing it means we have lost a lot of revenue.

“The structure is complete. The briefing I have is that  it is actually getting to finishing stages, and most of the critical components on ground have been  moves for safe keeping. At Wadata Plaza, we are challenged by lack of adequate office space. So the party will now discuss with all stakeholders of the party and explore the necessary avenue for completing this edifice.”


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