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BBNaija: I cannot make any Shari’a pronouncement on Khalid, says MURIC

BBNaija: I cannot make any Shari’a pronouncement on Khalid, says MURIC %Post Title

The Director, Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, Professor Ishaq Akintola has reacted to the action of BB Naija Level Up Muslim housemate Khalid following his sexual gymnastics session with his female housemate Daniella.

In an exclusive interview with Vanguard, Akintola noted that he can not make any Shari’a pronouncement on Khalid, saying BBNaija is based on Haram (prohibited in Islam) and anything done inside the house is Haram.

The MURIC chief said there’s no need to comment on anything that has happened inside the BBNaija house.

“I have no comment concerning Khalid. Whatever anybody is doing in BBNaija is haram, BBNaija itself; the whole of it. So, it’s not about the aspect of alcohol or whatever. I was part of a group that went to court to stop BBNaija, but the system continues to encourage BBNaija, some of our people in the media, and journalists continue to encourage them because there’s money there.

“Nigeria worships money and then we are destroying our youths, who are watching this show and there are some irresponsible parents, too, who are watching and encouraging their children to watch it,” he said.

Akintola described BBNaija as satanic, saying that there is no need to identify any individual within the house.

“The youth, whether a young man or an old man who goes to participate in BBNaija should be condemned. I will not pick any individual for particular criticism,” he added.

“Why will I pronounce a Shariah judgment on them? If it is in Oyo, Lagos or Enugu, they are not Shari’a compliant states. I can not make a Shari’a pronouncement on them. We can not bring Shari’a into BBNaija. I can not make any Shari’a pronouncement in a non-Shari’a issue, in a non-Shari’a state.

“Whatever is built on nothing is nothing. Whatever is built of haram is haram. We condemn BBNaija and whatever it produces, whatever is the product that comes out of it remains condemnable whether they are Muslims or Christians, we condemn every action that takes place in BBNaija and the government should ban it, but the government is not listening to what we are saying,” he said.

Akintola said MURIC has called on the federal government to ban BBNaija, saying it was unfortunate that some of our leaders and people do not listen when cases affect the morality of the nation and the youths.

He said the television stations propagating the show should be sanctioned by the National Broadcasting Corporation, NBC, because, “they are promoting immorality in the society.”

“They are also encouraging the youths to become robbers; to become millionaires and billionaires overnight. We are not encouraging productivity. They are encouraging materialism. So many other young ones, who are watching the show will also want to become billionaires overnight and they will want to go into yahoo-yahoo.”

Recall that the Level Up housemates turned lovers, Daniella and Khalid were caught on camera on Monday night, wrapped under the duvet while other housemates, aside Amaka, were already asleep.

Khalid, who observed solat (Muslim daily prayer) in the BBNaija house has early expressed his disapproval over alcohol when said if Daniella continues drinking alcohol, he would have to end his relationship with Daniella because of his religion.

His words, “I’m a Muslim, if Danielle keeps drinking alcohol, it’s over between us.”

But, the duos were caught pounding each other, while Amaka could be seen on camera watching with utter surprise.

Since the sexual escapade happened, mixed reactions have trailed Khalid and Daniella just as viewers expressed shock over the timing of the scene.

Many believe they have only spent two weeks in the house, feeling they could have waited a bit longer before they got heated up in a sexual round.

Khalid and Daniella have always enjoyed a lot of couple-time and after-party timeout together, intimately engrossed with each other in the BBNaija house.


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