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Bishop David Oyedepo Buys Another $50M Private Jet (Photos)

Bishop David Oyedepo Buys Another $50M Private Jet (Photos) %Post Title

According to reports, the Church had sold out all her old aircraft including the helicopter and the Challenger 605 with registration, N633WM and purchased a new aircraft for church use

In his words;
‘Men and brethren we have a brand new Aircraft at the airport’. Shortly before that he had announced in his sermon about the virtues of love and giving as well as exhorting on the need to focus totally on God that:
‘What God cannot give me, let me never have it.
Where God cannot take me, let me never get there.
What God cannot do for me, let it remain undone.

Bishop David Oyedepo Buys Another $50M Private Jet (Photos) %Post Title

The Bishop and his team have survived a number of aircraft mishaps, the last coming in 2017 which led to thanksgiving across the branches of the Church Worldwide.

Meanwhile, the Bishop had announced in April 1982 at a ‘powerhouse’ meeting held at the inception of the Church among other things that God had told him that the ministry will soon be on wings carrying the gospel to the nations of the world.

All except one of the several points itemized during that meeting has seen the light of the day in the 37 year old Ministry. Since 1996 when the first Aircraft, a Hawker Siddeley 25 with registration 5N-WMA (World Mission Agency), was purchased at one hundred million naira (N100 million), Winners’ Chapel has used at least 5 different fixed wing aircraft and one helicopter while each of them as a tradition is always sold for an updated model as they begin to age.

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