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Dear Bunmi, after a year of marriage, I want out

Dear Bunmi, after a year of marriage, I want out %Post Title

Dear Bunmi, I got married over a year ago after being with my partner for just six months.

He is over 10 years older and wanted to get married because he wanted a family as soon as possible.

But I didn’t get pregnant, even after fertility treatment.

My husband’s sperm count is a bit low, but not as low as not to make me pregnant.

However, the problem now is that I’ve realised I’m no longer in love with him, and I think it’s wrong to have a baby if there’s no love left.

Dear Bunmi, I’m desperate to be a mom, though.

Faith, by e-mail.

Dear Faith,

You don’t need to stay with your husband in a loveless marriage to be a mom. You can divorce and have a baby with someone else.

And you do have every right to want a child. But, if you really care for that child, you’ll make sure there’s love, security and peace in the family.

I’m assuming you’ve explored all avenues of making your marriage work before arriving at this sad conclusion.

Apologise to your husband and leave, since you’re this disillusioned.

Take time to recover and try again to get pregnant – but only when the time is right and you’re in a relationship you’re proud of.

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