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Gaza War Claims 122 Journalists, Deadliest Ever – CPJ

Gaza War Claims 122 Journalists, Deadliest Ever – CPJ %Post Title

The head of the Committee to Protect Journalists, Judy Ginsburg, has called on Israel to investigate accusations of crimes against journalists in the Gaza Strip.

“Israel’s war on Gaza is more deadly to journalists than any previous war,” Ginsburg said.

According to the government media office in Gaza, the number of journalists killed by the Israeli army since the beginning of its war on October 7 had risen to 122.

The Health Ministry in the Palestinian territory had said at least 26,637 people have been killed in Gaza from Israeli strikes.

The latest toll includes 215 deaths over the past 24 hours, while 65,387 people have been injured since October 7.

In the 48 hours after interim rulings by the International Court of Justice (ICJ), Israel has continued to kill as many Palestinians in Gaza as it did before the verdicts,  a human rights group and Al Jazeera report.

Geneva-based Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor reports the Israeli army killed at least 373 Palestinians – including 345 civilians – and wounded 643 others in the two days after the rulings on alleged genocidal acts.

“Israel has also ramped up its efforts to starve [Palestinians] as well as forcibly displace them from their homes in the Strip,” the group said.

“In defiance of the ruling of the world’s highest court and in violation of its own international obligations, including to international law and principles, Israel persists in committing egregious violations that amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity, including genocide against the Palestinian people.”

In another development, Doctors without Borders says displaced women in Gaza are living and giving birth in deplorable conditions, including in public buildings and tents.

“Those who manage to deliver in a hospital often return to their makeshift shelters hours after undergoing a Caesarean (section),” MSF said.

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