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God never designed woman to work – IK Osakioduwa

God never designed woman to work – IK Osakioduwa %Post Title

Popular OAP IK Osakioduwa has said that women were not created to work but to offer companionship to a man.

This is just as he revealed that he has never split bills with his wife and holds any intention of doing so.

Osakioduwa made the disclosure when he appeared as a guest on the Toke Moments podcast hosted by Toke Makinwa.

He said, “God never sent a woman to work. God made Adam, placed him in the garden to tilt the ground, right? And he said he made a help meet, to help him. He didn’t make her to help with the work, the work was never too much for Adam. The Bible said Adam was alone, which was the fusion of two words, ‘all one’; and every other animal had a pair, but Adam was one, and that was why God made woman. The purpose of every woman in every man’s life is companionship, if i had to put it down to one word, I will say it is ‘peace of mind’”

The OAP continued, “I’m not a big baller and I’m not claiming to be one of those guys who has all the money in the world, but I’m not looking into my wife’s pocket for anything.

“It’s like being in the gym, she may see that ‘IK’s money is a bit slow today’ and she may come in to do something. I don’t ask it of her but she may come in to do something and it’s nice to see but I will never ask it of her.

“Once some time has passed I’m giving her back the money sharply. It’s just the better way to operate, it’s my system and I know everybody’s system is different.

“I know many guys who are going 50/50 with their wives. I will never ever in my life go 50/50, my wife doesn’t even know how much the kid’s school fees are. She knows but she’s never once had to bring money out to say that she’s paying school fees and she will never,” he shared.

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