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How I met Cristiano Ronaldo and my life changed forever – Georgina Rodriguez

How I met Cristiano Ronaldo and my life changed forever - Georgina Rodriguez

Georgina Rodriguez brand new Netflix series, I Am Georgina, dropped on the streaming service on Thursday, with the story of how she met her football megastar partner, Cristiano Ronaldo.

In the episode titled The Day That Changed My Life, the couple share their individual memories of their first meeting at Gucci in Madrid, where Georgina worked as a saleswoman.

Cristiano had stopped by for a shopping spree with his eldest son Junior.

It was a Thursday in summer, Georgina recalled.

She says the meeting was fortuitous. She ought to have closed at 5pm, but a colleague called and asked her to wait another 30 minutes for a female client coming to pick coats at their Gucci store.

“I was leaving the store, when I saw a very handsome man appear, almost two metres tall, with a boy and some friends.

“I stand frozen. Junior stands in front of me, very well behaved. He greets me. The kid says hi to me, a young girl, pretty.

“I started feeling butterflies in my stomach and said what’s going on with me. I didn’t want to look at him. i was very shy.”

‘That’s when she got stuck in my head. That’s the honest truth,’ the footballer said.

He revealed: ‘Little by little, we started talking more, and things were progressing naturally, it wasn’t quick, because it took us about two months, and during that time we didn’t really see each other.’

Georgina explained the reason for their brief separation, adding: ‘He had a lot of games, the national team. Then, what happened with my father I was away for a bit, I was sad.’

Her father, Jorge, suffered a stroke in 2016 and died three years later due to ongoing complications.

‘Then one day we met at another event. He was with his friends and his brother, Hugo. And he said, “Gio, do you want to come to dinner?” I said, “At last! The time has come”,’ she added.

The former sales assistant later detailed how their hands brushed during a dinner date, stating: ‘I felt as if those hands had been with me many times before. His hands felt familiar. They fit mine perfectly.’

‘Five years ago, my life changed. Thanks to love, my life is now a dream. Nothing in life has come easy. I know what it is to have nothing and to have everything,’ she said.

Cristiano, 36, described Georgina as ‘the woman of my life’, adding that he is ‘completely in love with her’.

The sports star added: ‘I didn’t think at the beginning that it would be this strong, that I would fall in love with her… I didn’t expect it honestly but after a while I felt like she was the woman of my life.’

Georgina also said: ‘I used to dream of a Prince Charming and today I have one with wonderful kids who give me so much love. Yes, I can say dreams do come true.’

The couple have been going strong ever since and have expanded their brood – in addition to Cristiano’s 11-year-old son Junior, he and Georgina share daughter Alana, four, and twins Eva and Mateo, three.

In October, the pair announced that Georgina is pregnant with twins.

Watch the trailer:

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