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Hunter Biden sues IRS for embarrassment

Hunter Biden sues IRS for embarrassment %Post Title

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden has sue the Internal Revenue Service(IRS), alleging that agents “targeted and sought to embarrass” him.

Biden’s suit, filed Monday by his attorneys, according to New York Post, cites two major examples in IRS agents Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, two whistleblowers who claimed the IRS mishandled aspects of its investigation into Biden.

He seeks a declaration by the courts that the IRS “wilfully, knowingly, and/or by gross negligence, unlawfully disclosed Mr. Biden’s confidential tax information.”

Hunter Biden demands $1,000 in damages for “each and every unauthorized disclosure of his tax returns,” including disclosures that happened after the fact.

“Biden is the son of the President of the United States. He has all the same responsibilities as any other American citizen, and the IRS can and should make certain that he abides by those responsibilities,” the lawsuit said.

“Similarly, Mr. Biden has no fewer or lesser rights than any other American citizen, and no government agency or government agent has free rein to violate his rights simply because of who he is.”

“Yet,” the complaint says, “the IRS and its agents have conducted themselves under a presumption that the rights that apply to every other American citizen do not apply to Mr. Biden.”

Read more in New York Post

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