Kidnappers abduct rescuers of accident victims

Iyalaya Amala

Kidnappers abduct rescuers of accident victims






In a bizarre turn of events, gunmen at the weekend abducted four travellers, who rushed to an accident scene in Elele, Rivers State, to rescue the victims.

It was learnt that victims of the accident were persons from Bayelsa State, who were returning from a traditional wedding in Mbaise, Imo State.

They were reportedly travelling on a Toyota Sienna car when the vehicle crashed into another in a head on collision.

A popular Ijaw youth and social media activist Prince Elayo Ekete and the driver of the Sienna car were said to have died on the spot.

Other travellers from Bayelsa, who witnessed the accident rushed to the scene to rescue the victims. The kidnappers seized them and took them away.

But another source said the kidnapped victims were abducted after they had successfully rushed other victims of the accident to a hospital.

“The kidnappers went to the accident scene, recovered personal effects of some of the victims and called one of the rescuers asking him to come to a particular place to collect them. When they got there, the gunmen seized them”.

One of the injured victims of the accident, Dina Adiva, confirmed that some persons, who came to rescue them were kidnapped by unidentified gunmen and prayed for their freedom.

Adiva, who was said to be recuperating in an unknown hospital said: “I also pray for those that were kidnapped while trying to make arrangements to moves us from Madonna University, Elele to Yenagoa, that they come out unhurt.

“This is a trying time for me and I know it will pass. I appreciate all your love and support, I’m yet to seat upright and walk, it will take me some time. Ebinebo Stample and others too are recuperating well”.

In honour of Ekete, the social media activists in Bayelsa decided to suspend posting of all political materials on social media for 24 hours.

*Culled from The Nation



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