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Kwara 2019: ANRP Governorship Candidate Backs APC Flagbearer

Kwara 2019: ANRP Governorship Candidate Backs APC Flagbearer %Post Title
GOVERNORSHIP candidate of the Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP), in Kwara State, Dr AbdulMumeen Yinka Ajia, has declared his support for the All Progressives Congress’s (APC) governorship candidate, Abdulrahman AbdulRazaq, saying the latter largely represents his dream about the State.

Ajia, a leading candidate with an appreciable following among the youth, said in a statement at the weekend in Ilorin that AbdulRazaq’s victory will turn the page for the political history of the State.

The former ANRP flagbearer also announced his immediate resignation from the party and movement to the APC, saying that, “because the situation in Kwara is really not about party but our struggle against retrogressive leadership as a people.”

He called on his supporters to deliver their bloc votes for the APC candidate.

“I have also gone through his manifesto and I am assured that the progressive, people-centred Kwara that I envisioned can be kick-started under his leadership,” Ajia added.

Also, about 2,000 members of the PDP in the State on Sunday, reportedly defected to the opposition APC, the second of such act from the party in one week after the presidential and National Assembly elections.

The mass defections took place in Ibrahim Taiwo area of Ilorin, led by Hon Bamidele Aluko, a former House of Assembly member in the State.

Aluko, leader of the decampees, was chairman of the Kwara United Football Club and the PDP leader in Badari Ward of Ilorin West, the most populated local government area of Kwara State.

Other top defectors included Alhaji Alao Abdulyekeen, another PDP top gun from Baboko area of Ilorin, and Akeem Dare youth leader from Balogun Fulani ward 1.

Also on Sunday in Ilorin, over 500 PDP members from Asa local government area joined the APC.

Leaders of the defectors said the outcome of the National Assembly elections was the clearest manifestation yet “that Kwarans have decided to reject and retire Senator Bukola Saraki for reasons of bad governance, oppression and non-inclusive leadership.”

“Our people are tired. Salaries don’t get paid in the true sense of the word and the infrastructure on the ground is not commensurate with the resources the state has received over the years. Worst still, people are tired of leaders who see everything from their own comfort zone,” Aluko said at a reception held for them by the APC as represented by Barrister Kunle Suleiman and Hon Olawoyin Magaji.

“People are tired of the status quo. People are angry and fed up with dictatorial leadership and the result is what you just said.”

The mass defection came a few days after over 500 PDP members from Osin Wara Osin Egbejila ward and others declared allegiance to the APC in Surulere area of the state capital, describing the party’s governorship candidate Abdulrahman AbdulRazaq as the “Moses of our time who is changing the political history of the state.”

Despite the latest vows by Saraki to win the next governorship elections, analysts have called the ballot in favour of the APC especially after the all-around defeat Saraki’s PDP suffered in the Feb 23 National Assembly elections. Saraki and all the PDP  parliamentary candidates lost in the elections — the first time the political dynasty headed by the Senate president has suffered such defeat. (Nigerian Tribune)
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