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Leave Ethiopia now – German government advises nationals

Leave Ethiopia now - German government advises nationals






The German government has urged its citizens to leave Ethiopia, over continuing conflict in the country.

The Foreign Ministry made the recommendation on its travel advice posted online on Wednesday.

It called on German nationals in Ethiopia to use the currently still available commercial flights to leave the country.

The travel warning, which previously only applied to individual crisis regions, had been extended to the entire country.

Fight between the government and the rebel Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) had spread to more and more parts of Ethiopia in recent days.

According to dpa information, about 650 Germans are living in the country.

“There is a German school, two German foundations and the German Society for International Cooperation is also represented in the country.

“The conflict between the TPLF and government forces has cost thousands of lives and fueled an outcry over suspected war crimes.”


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