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Man Seeking Divorce Absent In Court Over Lack Of Transport Fare

Man Seeking Divorce Absent In Court Over Lack Of Transport Fare %Post Title











A man by the name Ali Abubakar, who was dragged to a Shari’a court sitting in Kaduna by his wife, Ajinomo Ohunenene-Ummi, on Wednesday, was absent owing to lack of transport fare to the court.

According to report, Mr. Abubakar had sent words through the court messenger, Tajuddeen Saidu, that he would not be available for the hearing because he does not have transport fare from Abuja to Kaduna.

He prayed the court to go ahead with the proceedings and grant the petitioner her wishes.

Earlier, the petitioner, through her counsel, Nafisa Ibrahim, stated that she wanted to redeem herself from the marriage and was ready to return the N50,500 dowry her husband paid.

She also prayed the court to grant her custody of their one-year-old daughter, and for the court to order the defendant to pay N20,000 monthly feeding allowance.

The judge, Abdulrahman Isiyaku, ordered that the court messenger and the petitioner to call Mr Abubakar on phone so that he can respond to the claims.

The court messenger reported to the judge that Mr Abubakar had agreed to the divorce and child custody to mother but said he would pay N10,000 monthly feeding allowance for his daughter.

He added that Mr Abubakar had agreed for the complainant to use the N50,500 dowry as monthly feeding allowance for their child for five months.

The judge asked the complainant if she agreed with the amount and she agreed.

Mr Isiyaku dissolved the marriage through Khul’i (redemption) and ordered the petitioner to keep the N50,500 meant for refund of the dowry to feed her baby for five months in place.

The judge also ordered Mr Abubakar to continue taking care of the child’s health, clothing and education until she reaches school age.

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