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Marriages break up when men fail to meet family obligations — Cleric

Marriages break up when men fail to meet family obligations — Cleric %Post Title
Founder and Senior Pastor of Deeper Life Christian Centre, Singapore, Dr. Daniel Onyemachi, says many marriages are breaking up because some men have left the responsibilities of catering for their families to their wives.

Onyemachi, who spoke in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Thursday in Umuahia, said some of the men would rather laze around the home than fend for their families.

According to the cleric, who is also the author of a book entitled What Husband and Wives Expect of Each Other, such men should take their leadership roles in their families and do the needful.

He expressed displeasure with some men who blame their failures on lack of employment, saying that they should rather get something to keep themselves busy.

Onyemachi said, “No matter what, you need to work hard to take care of your family because, as a father, you are the provider of the family.

“If you do not get employed, you can employ yourself. You can go and do some farming, sell the produce and feed your family.

“Your wife expected you to provide for her when you married her. When you fail in this responsibility, she becomes frustrated and your children become social parasites,” he stated.

Onyemachi, who was in Nigeria to host the just-concluded 16th edition of the African Ministers’ Conference in Umuahia, however, cautioned wives against insulting their spouses for whatever lapses noticed in their responsibilities.

According to him, wives should rather pray and be submissive to their husbands.

“No man is ready to surrender his right as the head of the family,” he said.

The cleric also warned intending couples against internet match-making, which he described as very dangerous.

“If you marry the person you have met on the internet, he or she will continue to surf the internet looking at other women or men after your marriage,” he said.

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