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New Zealand announces cancelation of 90-day trial periods for work visa holders

New Zealand announces cancelation of 90-day trial periods for work visa holders %Post Title

New Zealand immigration agency has said that employers can no longer include 90-day trial periods in employment contracts for individuals on an Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV)

These changes took effect from October 29, 2023.

Nairametrics learns that the changes are in place to ensure fair treatment in employment agreements for Work Visa holders and address legitimate labour shortages.

What this means

The removal of 90-day trial periods for migrant workers aims to safeguard migrant workers from exploitation and unfair treatment, requiring employers to hire them only when there is a genuine labour demand or skills gap to address.

Additional key changes to the AEWV Category include the requirement for accredited employers placing migrants in specific construction occupations to have at least 35% of their labor-hire workforce comprising New Zealand citizens and residents in full-time employment.

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has also modified the AEWV assessment process, resulting in longer processing times, with employers advised to apply at least six weeks in advance for accreditation and job checks.

For work visa holders, these AEWV changes mean that trial periods are no longer permitted in employment agreements.

When offered a job with a New Zealand employer, it is therefore essential to carefully review your employment agreement to ensure it does not include a trial period. If it does, it’s advisable to contact INZ immediately.

Additionally, NZ’s processing times for AEWV applications have increased, and employers should apply well in advance for both accreditation and job checks.

If you are a migrant worker in a specific construction occupation, your employer must ensure that at least 35% of their labor-hire workforce consists of New Zealand citizens and residents in full-time positions.


These changes are also to affect new applications under its Green List.

Earlier Nairametrics had reported that New Zealand had expanded its Immigration Green List in its bid to address critical skills shortages.

The plan is for New Zealand to broaden its Green List to encompass various professions in construction, information technology, automotive, and engineering.

This expansion will allow professionals in these fields to make use of Green List visas when searching for specialized talent that may not be readily available within the local workforce.(Nairametrics)

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