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Our children need their father; don’t make him pay for Binance’s actions – Tigran Gambaryan’s wife begs Tinubu

Our children need their father; don’t make him pay for Binance’s actions - Tigran Gambaryan’s wife begs Tinubu %Post Title

My name is Yuki Gambaryan, and I am pleading with you from the bottom of my heart as Tigran Gambaryan’s wife to please allow my innocent husband to come home.

Tigran is, first and foremost, an incredible father, loving husband, and supportive friend to everyone who meets him.

He has a deep respect for Nigeria and its people, and in fact, he had expressed excitement to me at the prospect of starting to work in your country.

I understand and respect your decision to scrutinise his employer, Binance. I realise that this whole situation has arisen from your commitment to your country and its citizens. However, Tigran is merely an employee.

He does not have authority over Binance’s corporate decisions or policies that might have impacted Nigeria.

He spends his workday investigating and pursuing criminal activity on the platform. His very job is to help governments like yours prosecute and prevent illicit activity. Sadly, any influence he might have had at Binance to help the company leaders understand your position in this disagreement is trapped in that cell with him.

Tigran is globally recognised for his significant contributions to solving crimes involving cryptocurrencies. I know many of his peers, including in Nigeria, would say that Tigran’s continuous efforts decrease illicit activity not only on Binance’s platform but also for all cryptocurrencies worldwide. Tigran and I have two young children.

This is the longest their Dad has ever been away from them, and they don’t understand why he hasn’t come home to them.

They ask me every day when he will be coming home, and still, I cannot give them an answer. This week is going to be especially difficult as it is our youngest’s 5th birthday on Friday. I never imagined Tigran would not be here with us to celebrate it.

Meanwhile, his ageing mother spends her days in tears, praying for the safe return of her only son.

She raised Tigran almost all on her own. He is her everything; the thought of him being in a country so far away from her and in these circumstances is beyond devastating to her.

A small part of me chips away every day without Tigran by my side. He is the love of my life, and I cannot imagine a life without him.

I plead with you from the depths of my heart to release Tigran.

Please let our children see their father. Your act of mercy would be eternally appreciated.

Yours Faithfully, 

Yuki Gambaryan

April 4, 2024

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