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Police corporal promoted himself to SP, abscond from duty for nine years

Police corporal promoted himself to SP, abscond from duty for nine years %Post Title

The Cross River State Command of the Nigeria Police Force has arrested and detained Corporal Buba Adamu for promoting himself to the rank of Superintendent of Police (SP) and failing to report to his new station in Kaduna State Command since 2015.

The detained corporal, alleged to have engaged in illegal activities using his uniform in Calabar, the state capital, faces charges of impersonation.

Corporal Adamu, who promoted himself to the SP rank, was transferred from the Cross River State Police Command to the Kaduna State Police Command in 2015. Since then, he has reportedly operated as a “Mobile Police Officer” without supervision or reporting to any specific Police Command.

During this period, he continued to receive his salary despite not reporting to his new station. Adamu’s activities came to light when concerned members of the Nassarawa Community, a Hausa/Fulani settlement in Calabar Municipality, who were victims of his illegal actions, raised alarm.

The community members feared for their safety and well-being if Adamu were released, alleging that he had been intimidating residents and assuming the role of a Divisional Police Officer without oversight.

Confirming Adamu’s arrest and detention, SP Irene Ugbo, Cross River State Police Public Relations Officer, stated that Corporal Adamu would remain in custody pending further investigation.

“It is true that the said officer was transferred from Cross River to Kaduna State since 2015 and never reported at his new station. There are allegations that he has been involved in criminal activities around Bacoco, Nassarawa area of Calabar. All these will be investigated with a view to prosecution,” SP Irene Ugbo said.

“The Police is committed to rebuilding its image, and no individual will be allowed to tarnish that. We assure you that appropriate action will be taken upon completion of the investigation, and if found guilty, he will face the full weight of the law.”(Guardian)

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