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Storm Gathering In Nigeria – Charly Boy

Storm Gathering In Nigeria – Charly Boy %Post Title

Charles Oputa, maverick entertainer and activist popularly known as Charly Boy, has said Nigeria could be doomed if the challenges confronting the nation are not fixed.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Charly Boy warned that Nigeria may become a combination of Venezuela, Somalia, Afghanistan and Lebanon if the government fails to resolve issues affecting the masses.

”A stormy Hell Fire is gathering in Nigeria. I can almost smell it and e dey choke. If the Vagabonds in power remain indifferent or fail to fix dis Bullshit dey started, Nigeria will certainly become a combination of Afghanistan Venezuela, Somalia and Lebanon.” he wrote

Oputa has been known to be very vocal about his grievances with the current state of the country as he regards himself as the “President of all frustrated Nigerians”

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