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That ‘lying’ drama between Ngelale and Onanuga

That ‘lying’ drama between Ngelale and Onanuga %Post Title

There was celebration across social media during the week as President Bola Tinubu marked one year in office. What did you think?

Oh! That people were celebrating the president and APC? Far from that! The celebration was in response to the visible disarray in the presidential villa. Of course you know that the gbege was between the presidential spokesman, Ajuri Ngelale and the Special Adviser on Communication and Strategy, Bayo Onanuga.

Ngelale had earlier posted that Onanuga was spreading lies, for posting that the President was going to address the joint session of NASS on May 29. While countering Onanuga’s information, Ngelale wrote that it was ‘false and unauthorised’.

That was pure washing of their dirty linen in public. Couldn’t Ngelale call Onanuga privately to talk to him rather than making a public show of his elder, which of course boomeranged?

Also, how come a whole presidential spokesman didn’t know the facts about whether the president would be at NASS or not that he had to disgrace himself?  And when Ngelale made that post against Onanuga, why didn’t the presidency secretly inform him that he was wrong and Onanuga right?

Well, some Netizens think Onanuga is beginning to reap what he has sown by always attacking people anyhow. You do know that Tinubu eventually appeared at the NASS on that day, right? Many believe that these guys are just giving us tips on why things seem uncoordinated in the land at the moment. These are some of the reactions trailing that lying drama.

On X, Odumodug said, “It’s a battle between AjuriNgelale the junior liar Mohammed and Onanuga mr post and delete.”

Obilor Joshua wrote “Confused set of people. See them making a public show of themselves. Everyone wants to be the top man.”

“Ajuri vs Bayo Onanuga, confusion in the camp of the enemy of darkness,” Mo-Mo wrote.

Samuel Omogor wrote, “Please somebody should help me check if high chief AjuriNgelale is anywhere near the NASS Nigeria because the president is already addressing the joint sitting. How did Ajuri, the same guy we all love right from Channels TV get to this point?”

•Written By Priscilia Duru

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