Theresa May’s ‘convoy involved in car crash’ in Belgium

Theresa may
THERESA May’s convoy has been involved in a dramatic crash in Belgium which left two cops injured.

The “accident”  involved a fleet of cars carrying the PM and her Belgian counterpart Charles Michel back from a WW1 remembrance ceremony.

According to reports a rogue motorist suddenly joined into the convoy, sparking panic among the police escort.

Two Belgian motorbike cops moved to try and force the vehicle back out, but in the confusion they clipped each other and crashed.

Spokesmen for both leaders confirmed that neither was hurt in the incident, which took place near the city of Mons.

The crash took place at around 10.40am local time this morning on the E42 motorway after the two leader left the nearby Saint-Symphorien cemetery.

Mr Michel, who is himself a motorbike owner, stopped the convoy and checked on the two policemen who were then taken to hospital.

His spokesman said: “The prime minister drives his own motorcycle, hence his concern.”

A UK Government spokesman said the PM’s car had been “ahead of the accident” and confirmed she was unhurt.

Belgium’s federal road police said that neither officer had been badly hurt in the accident.

The convoy was able to move on after only a short delay.

A spokesman added that there was no suspicion of malicious intent, saying: “The investigation is ongoing. Nobody was arrested”.

A spokesman for Number 10 played down the incident telling The Sun: “A chap came off his bike”

The Belgian PM’s spokesman said it was a “regrettable accident” and not malicious or suspicious.

According to a spokesperson for the federal road police, the officers suffered minor injures.

The convoy was able to continue on its way shortly after the crash.

Earlier, Mrs May laid a wreath at the graves of the first and last British soldiers to be killed in World War One.

The Prime Minister honoured the brave tommies John Parr and George Ellison today as she attended services to mark 100 years since the end of the bloody conflict.

She began today by visiting the St Symphorien Military Cemetery in Mons where the pair are buried just metres apart.  (Daily Mail)

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