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UK-based Nigerian pastor speaks on allegation he slept with wife of Super Eagles player

UK-based Nigerian pastor speaks on allegation he slept with wife of Super Eagles player %Post Title








A United Kingdom-based Nigerian Pastor, Tobi Adegboyega, has reacted to the allegation of having had sexual relations with Ezinne Kayode, the wife of Super Eagles player, Olanrewaju Kayode.

The Senior Pastor of Salvation Proclaimer Ministries, also known as SPAC Nation, reacted through different platforms.

Though he did not specifically mention the issue at hand, the reaction by Adegboyega was believed to have been directed at the allegation of having sexual relations with Ezinne, which was came to the fore just before he spoke.

On Sunday, he shared old videos of the ordination of young leaders in his church on Instagram, adding that he was too busy to listen to lies.

He said in a note that accompanied the video: “I focus on raising young people from difficult backgrounds into greatness, that’s the news.

“Every other news is just desperate oldies looking to take where they have not sown.”

In an Instagram Story post, Adegboyega also said: “…The new SPACNation family leaders are being ordained.

“Young leaders from twenty yrs old.

“You will be inspire, Too busy to listen to lies/garnished tales right now.”

Available information had it that a Nigerian socialite based in the United Kingdom, Yetunde Burstline, introduced Ezinne to Pastor Adegboyega.

According to Ezinne’s husband, his wife allegedly stole two Mercedes SUVs from him to finance Adegboyega’s lifestyle.

Olanrewaju also alleged that his wife conspired with some realtors to transfer some of his property to herself.

He accused her of abducting their three children on March 24, 2024, adding that despite complaints and petitions to the Police Force Criminal Investigation Department in Alagbon, Lagos State, he was yet to recover his vehicles, property and children.

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