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US election: Survey shows Trump receives highest confidence rating in Nigeria

US election: Survey shows Trump receives highest confidence rating in Nigeria %Post Title

A survey has shown how citizens worldwide feel about US President Joe Biden and Donald Trump, his predecessor, ahead of the election to the White House.

Presenting its findings in a statement on Saturday, Pew Research Center, an American fact tank, said it surveyed 34 countries.

The survey report revealed that Biden is viewed more positively globally than Trump, including in African nations like Kenya and South Africa.

“Majorities in 10 countries have confidence in Biden, with the largest shares in the Philippines (77%), Kenya (75%), and Poland (70%),” the statement reads.

“In Nigeria, 66% of adults have confidence in Biden.

The research centre added that Biden’s least positive assessments came from Tunisia (89% no confidence) and Turkey (87% no confidence).

“Majorities in six of the 10 European nations surveyed also do not have confidence in him, ranging from 56% in France to 72% in Hungary,” it said.

The survey said people in Hungary and Tunisia gave Trump more positive reviews than Biden, although neither leader received especially high marks there.

Meanwhile, the former US president got his largest thumbs up in Nigeria.

“Trump receives his highest confidence ratings in Nigeria (63%) and the Philippines (68%). Roughly half or more in Ghana, Kenya, Israel, and Thailand also express confidence in him,” the survey said.

People in Canada and across Europe, the survey said, expressed low confidence in Trump, with more than eight in 10 holding a similar view in France, Germany, and Sweden.

The former president also received poor assessments in Latin America, where at least six in 10 people in every country surveyed have no confidence, including 86 percent in Mexico.

The US election is set to be held on November 5. (The Cable)

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