News Woman furious at husband after he cried over football...

Woman furious at husband after he cried over football match but not on their wedding day


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A wife, has expressed her anger at her husband after he cried while watching a football match. Meanwhile, he didn’t even as much as drop a tear on their wedding day.

Woman furious at husband after he cried over football match but not on their wedding day

Lottie’s husband, Fabio, was watching the Champions League quarter final between Real Madrid and Juventus when he got very emotional.

Sharing the story with her colleagues on a TV show, Lottie Ryan said her husband Fabio was in ‘complete ecstasy’ watching the game.

“He went from being in a normally relative mood to complete ecstasy – screaming and shouting in Italian. He was running around the place, I had to ask him to calm down a little bit, the neighbours might be frightened because he was screaming so much.”

Lottie continued in shock:

“He was happier than he’s ever been and at one point I had to say to him ‘sorry, are you crying?’

“He didn’t cry on our wedding day and I think I saw him cry last night.”

Lottie had decided to go to bed when she noticed things weren’t going well. She had to come back to the game when she noticed her husband was upset over the Real Madrid versus Juventus match result being 1-3.

“So off to bed I went and then things got very quiet and I knew something was wrong.

“I came in and he was having a full shouting match at the telly – speaking to the referee as if it was a personal conversation, so he was devastated. Very, very upset.”

Presenter Lottie asked her co-hosts, Keith Walsh and Brendan O’Shea:

“What is it about men and football that they get so emotional?”

Brendan admitted that he has cried before at a football match and it surely did surprise his wife.

His reply to why men get so emotional about football was:

“You don’t understand!”

Woman furious at husband after he cried over football match but not on their wedding day
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