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You’re A Liar – Do2dtun Continues To Drag Wife

You’re A Liar – Do2dtun Continues To Drag Wife %Post Title










Famous Nigerian On-Air-Personality (OAP), Oladotun Ojuolape Kayode, popularly known as Do2dtun has continued to drag his estranged wife and sister of renowned musician, D’banj, Taiwo Oyebanjo for denying him access to their two daughters.

The television star on Sunday, October 15th, 2023, took to his Instagram page to label his estranged wife a “liar”.

He wrote; “Taiwo stop apologizing to kids you claim you love but don’t feel fulfilled having or use as a pawn in your game. The same girls your mother scolded & said “GIRLS DON’T DANCE” right.”

“@iambangalee I challenge you to release receipts of rents you paid for me; I am so sure you know your sister is a LIAR!!!”

“If she took money from you for that purpose, she probably lied, the same way she squandered the kids school fees severally given to her when the kids were in Tenderville. She doesnt even know I know this.. LoL.”

“The store built for you at Osapa & stocked; was it your brother too?”

“The bills for the kids we gave birth to in America & apartment your parents stayed in Houston, as at 2013 o! was it your brother that paid for that too?”

“2nd he bought us a car as a “WEDDING GIFT” …it’s a gift that no one asked for but Mummy Taiwo, it didn’t matter cos this young man right here still drove his EOD with joy & happiness when you were pregnant. You drove the CRV till.”

“I gave you a push gift. I bought you a an Elantra GLS in 2013 when you had our first baby. You still drive it till date. Was it your brother that bought that too? LOL.”

“The house I bought; was it your brother that bought that too. The 15 million I lent your mother, was it your brother that gave her too?”

“TAIWO THE LIAR! You have told the world different stories about what happened. You see how inconsistent your allegations are: Domestic violence to forced abortion to emotional abuse to sexual abuse. Please stay one place. What you filed is different from what you tell the press, what you say is always different from what you just type.”

“The marriage reached its breaking point not cos of all these lies you told, it’s cos you MARRIED YOUR BROTHER & gave your mantle of reasoning to your MOTHER. It just played out now.”

“Taiwo it’s simple. READ a “COURT ORDER” & obey it. You literally pinned an “ABORTION” you had for your ex doctor boyfriend who lived in America while you were on tour with your brother but told it to the world as me. Very cruel. You just wanted to destroy my name & I didn’t let you.”

“LEAVE ALL THESE DBANJ P.R and TELL ME WHERE MY KIDS ARE. he has called you to Scold you abi! No vex.”

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