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Zoleka Mandela’s Alleged List Of Mourners Not Wanted At Her Burial Surfaces

Zoleka Mandela's Alleged List Of Mourners Not Wanted At Her Burial Surfaces %Post Title








A granddaughter of Nelson Mandela, Zoleka, allegedly wrote a list of people not allowed at her funeral including her ex-husband and those who sexually abused her.

Zoleka was said to have kept a diary where she wrote down her thoughts and wishes, South African site, Zimoja, reported on Friday.

Before her death, she made a list of over 15 persons she did not want at her funeral.

It read, “I do not want the following people at my funeral or near my dead body.”

The list includes the name of her ex-husband and father of two of her kids, Thierry Bashala, and Leeroy Andie Cana, the father of her last child.

She also listed those she claimed sexually abused her, stating that those on the list with a dot against their names abused her sexually.

It read “FYI: These men sexually abused me!”

She further added to the list those that she is close to, including her sisters, dad, and stepmom.

Zoleka died at the age of 43 on September 25 after a long battle with cancer.

She was laid to rest on Friday, September 29, in a private burial. (Punch)

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