Nigerian man drags pastor for allegedly extorting and sleeping with his wife

A pastor has been accused by a man for sleeping with his wife and extorting her of a huge sum of money in the name of spiritual works, the man has reportedly dragged the fake pastor to their town hall meeting to face the council of elders in Jesse town.

Nigerian man drags pastor for allegedly extorting and sleeping with his wife Lailasnews

Smart Ojeski took to Facebook share the news and also the pastor’s pictures;

Beware of fake prophets with their so called miracles,my family just been victimized by fake bishop prophet doctor onovwiona Emmanuel off mountain of prayer ministry ikewun street by water board road jesse town, he’s been sleeping with my wife extorting Lot’s of money from her in the name of spiritual works, right now I had summoned the idiot and my wife to the council of elders Jesse town after bruising him up at jesse garage lagos park on the 27th mach, so please come to oguedion town hall for the complete hearing on coming wednesday 4th of April 2018 witnesses and evidence’s are on standby thank you.

These are the photos of the idiot that’s extorting money from my wife and also sleeping with her, just come to oguedion town hall on the 4th Wednesday for complete details thanks.

Esiekpe Harrison also took to Facebook to react to what the pastor reportedly did, He wrote;

What do you expect from these sycophants parading themself as men of God instead of man of Satan they are in everywhere….well, i don’t blame them but blame our women looking for cheap miracle from gullible men like Fake Bishop prophet Emmanuel,….it is a pity….most of these so called men of God actually called God, God did not call them….for me, i would have advice u to take him up legally to pay through his nose since you have a concrete evidences against him…he might be jail for defrauding victim of their possession…..cheer

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