Video of school principal making students sing as punishment for late coming amuses internet users

A school principal has found an effective way to deal with latecomers at his school. He makes them sing together at the assembly. The song they sing explains what time school is supposed to start and why they were in the wrong.

Twitter user Vukile Vee shared the amusing video on social media. The footage went viral with over 9000 likes. Many were impressed by how the principal chose to deal with the situation while others were left amused.

Twitter user Dee_La_Cue said: “I will always come late to sing that song nje”

While buda_bless99 said: “Does this mean the one leading the song is the “certified late comer”?”

Nkanyiso_7 said: “What a punishment”

Vee_noluvo said: “This would have been the best punishment in my day, we used to pick up paper and clean the toilets only to get in class and have the duster do it’s hit you on the tip of your fingers, that time you still going to detention after school. They lucky”

Lesego_sam said:”Lol principal is not aware that he is opening a can of worms. Soon the number will increase and they sing like they rehearsing for choir competitor”

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