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BBNaija: Sheggz, Bella seek non-fight relationship

BBNaija: Sheggz, Bella seek non-fight relationship %Post Title

Sheggz and Bella have decided to seek a pathway for their relationship in the house.

The two decided to have a heart-to-heart conversation over their relationship, their fights and closeness.

“It’s normal that we will have clashes, because we are getting to know each other,” Sheggz said to Bella during their morning conversation in the bedroom.

The conversation was sparked by Sheggz having told Bella that he wants to live freely even though he is with her.

Bella could not comprehend what that meant and added that she will voice her concerns if his freedom does not make her comfortable.

Their conversation led to a talk about infidelity. Sheggz informed Bella that he has a lot of female friends but would never cheat on her “anyway”.

Bella had previously asked Sheggz to tone down his closeness to his female friends, which he consented to.

However, he said he changed his mind when he saw how she was carrying herself.

His challenge is Bella’s unwillingness to make necessary changes to her behaviour by asking him, “what should I do about that?”

This is especially the case because Sheggz’s response to behavioural change requests is “I will deal with that accordingly”.

This lack of reciprocation is a big concern for Sheggz who has stated numerous times that Bella is always ready to fight and he finds that unnecessary.

Rachel and Sheggz locked horns in a food fight and Bella escalated the fight.

Sheggz asked her to stay in the bedroom numerous times if he loved her but she could not contain her anger.

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