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Buhari Has Done More For Igbos Than All PDP Governments – Actor, Kenneth Okonkwo

Buhari Has Done More For Igbos Than All PDP Governments – Actor, Kenneth Okonkwo






Nollywood actor cum politician, Kenneth Okonkwo , who contested for Enugu Governor in 2019 has said Buhari has done more for Igbos than all PDP governments .

NEWS MAIL NG reports that Kenneth Okonkwo cried out on Instagram about the operation of Fulani Herdsmen in Abuja. 

He said :

“This is why ranching is both desirable and inevitable. How can humans and animals be struggling for a right of way in the Federal Capital City of Abuja?” the actor had asked.

“We must move on to the 21st-century system of animal husbandry to reduce tensions between passers-by, commuters, farmers, and herdsmen.”

A follower put it to him that he shouldn’t complain since he vigorously campaigned for the Buhari led government. 

Okonkwo replying stated that he is still proud to have campaigned “relentlessly” and supported Buhari’s government.

He wrote : “Yes, I did and I stand by my decision. When I see that the second niger bridge is about to be completed. When I see that runway at Enugu Airport has been expanded to accommodate international flights,” the actor added.

“When I see that Enugu-PH express roads are being rehabilitated, when I remember all other things Buhari had done for the South East and remember that PDP was there for 16 years and did nothing for us.

“I am proud of the decision I took and I have no apologies for that. Nothing changed.

“I have been a strong advocate of ranching from day one. Just check through my antecedents. I support the truth at all times. I joined politics for the good of the people and will support good policies irrespective of party affiliation.”


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