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Edwards beats Kamaru Usman again to retain UFC welterweight title

Edwards beats Kamaru Usman again to retain UFC welterweight title %Post Title

Leon Edwards retains his UFC welterweight title after claiming victory over Nigeria’s Kamaru Usman in London early Sunday.

The Briton edged out the former champion Usman in their trilogy encounter at the O2 Arena.

The Judges scored the fight 48-46, 48-46, 47-47 to give Edwards a majority decision.

This is the first time since 2016 a British UFC champion has defended a world title on home soil.

Speaking with BT Sports after the loss, Usman said “I think I did enough to win the fight but I knew it was close. He had a great game plan. I always said from the start we’d meet again and I’m not done. We will see each other again.

“I always gave him props for what he’s accomplished. He’s a brother like myself and great respect. London you’ve got yourself a great champion.”

On when he wants to get back in the octagon, USman said “Not too long. I’ll get back with my coaches. I’m one of those guys, I can’t sit for too long.

“I’ll spend some time with my daughter. You guys get to watch us but you don’t know what we have to scarifice to be here. We put it on the lines every time.”

Speaking, Edward said “He didn’t get any takedowns, I was landing cleaner shots. I took out his legs. Thanks to Kamaru for being a great competitor.

“I couldn’t get the kick around his head. He had the perfect defence. I was trying to set it up with kicks to the body and legs.

“I know it was a close fight so I knew I had to land the cleaner shots. He didn’t land many clean on me. He just had lots of pressure.

“Listen to the crowd! That man [Colby Covington] has sat out for two years. I might take a little trip to Miami and see what’s going on there.”

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