Liverpool advised to sign Luis Suarez if Mo Salah leaves


Liverpool advised to sign Luis Suarez if Mo Salah leaves

In January 2011, Luis Suarez joined Liverpool from Ajax. The English club paid 26 million euros for him.

Suarez was at Anfield until 2014. Afterwards, he made the step up to Barcelona, but not before making 133 appearances for the club. He scored 82 times and got 27 assists.

And there are those who would like to see him back at Liverpool. Reds legend John Barnes spoke to ‘Goal’ and said it will be good if he returned to Anfield given how well the Uruguayan is doing at Atletico Madrid at the moment.

“If they could get Luis on a free transfer that’d be ideal but it’ll come down to whether Luis says he wants to play every week or he’ll be happy to move across and be part of the squad,” Barnes said.

Barnes says Suarez would not be able to start every game: “Because of his age, I don’t think he could expect to be playing every week.”

“Liverpool needs to recreate their team spirit and togetherness and if Luis can do this, then great, get him on board. As a player, I think he’s always given 100 per cent. So, yeah, that wouldn’t be a bad move for Liverpool,” he continued.

There is speculation over Salah potentially leaving the club. Barnes believes that if that happens, someone who knows the club perfectly like Suarez would be one of the best options for Liverpool. That is providing the Uruguayan wants to return to Liverpool, of course.



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