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Mr jollof gets N1m from sex therapist Jaruma for threatening Tundeednut

Mr jollof gets N1m from sex therapist Jaruma for threatening Tundeednut %Post Title
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Jaruma, the CEO of  Jaruma_empire, Nigeria’s number one sex therapist  gave media personality Mr jollof a sum of one million naira after the socialite threatened to beat internet blogger Tundeednut over his hatred for reality star, Tasha.

Earlier, the media personality had taken to his social media, blasting Tundeednut for continuously attacking Tasha, expressing his hatred for the blogger. He went on to call the blogger a failure, as the bloggers attempt to dive into comedy and music had failed woefully.

Mr jollof then vowed to beat Tundeednut if he dared cross his path, as he is stronger than him and can beat the blogger without thinking twice.

He said: ” Tundeednut is just a bitter soul, how on earth will you hate  Tasha that is trying to grow?. I understand his bitterness because he is always a failure in everything he lay his hands on. As a comedian he failed, as a musician he failed woefully, that is why he is hiding under his keypad to shade everybody. Very soon he will fail as a blogger. I pray he does not try me because I will beat him up anytime we see. I no dey make mouth. Naturally God bless me with power and if i see who i go beat, I know Tundeednut is one of those that I can beat without thinking twice”.

The post was appreciated by sex therapist Jaruma, as she asked Mr Jollof for his account details to send him a sum of one million naira for supporting her girl Tacha and for speaking up against Tundeednut
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