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Nigerians will vote candidate, not party in 2023 – CAN President

Nigerians will vote candidate, not party in 2023 - CAN President %Post Title

His Eminence Most Rev. Daniel Okoh, the new Presiden of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), has said Nigerians will not use political party as a deciding factor in the choice of the candidate to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari.

He said Nigerians have gone beyond just casting their votes based on the political party fielding candidates.

Okoh stated this while delivering the sermon at the 2022 International Men’s Conference of Christ Holy Church International in Abuja last Sunday.

He said that the electorate, particularly the Christians, will vote for candidates in the next general elections using their current capacities and antecedents as criteria.

In the sermon was entitled, ‘By Faith, Give Leadership’, Okoh said: “It is important that people of God at this time should have their eyes open. Before casting your votes, make sure you know the people you are giving your votes.

“In Nigeria, things are beginning to change. Gone are those days when people vote based on the political party fielding the candidate; when once you have the ticket of a particular party, you are covered.

“Today, people are looking at individuals, their credibility, character, experience, capacities and antecedents in relation to the positions they want to occupy.”

The CAN boss lamented evil of vote-buying in the country’s electoral system, saying the people must begin to question politicians before deciding who will get their mandate.

He also warned politicians against making false promises to amass the people’s vote.

According to him, “Nigerians have come to a point where they feel that they need to sit down and negotiate with the presidential and governorship candidates.

“We must ask them: ‘What is our portion in your administration (if elected)?’ They should be able to convince you before you can cast their votes for them. Nobody should take away your future from you. Don’t let anyone give you money to buy your conscience and four years of joy.

“To the people who are in politics, when you are making promises, make sure you are telling the people what you can fulfil.

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