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Sidechic Sues Sugar Daddy As Relationship Sours

Sidechic Sues Sugar Daddy As Relationship Sours %Post Title











A Ghanaian lady, Deborah Seyram Adablah, has sued her estranged lover for broken promises.

According to Ghana Celebrities on Tuesday, Adablah
wants the court to force her former ‘boyfriend’ to fulfil his promises to her; that is to buy her a car, rent a place for her, pay her monthly allowances and provide capital for her business.

The case was filed at the High Court in Accra.

It was reported that Adablah started a relationship with her sugar daddy whilst undergoing her national service.

He rented an apartment for her, gave her a car and was paying her a monthly stipend of Ghc 3,000.

She said he convinced her not to take up an employment opportunity after her national service ended on the promise of securing capital for her to start a business.

He also promised her a ‘ring’ once he divorced his wife.
However, their relationship soured and he withdrew the car, stopped paying her rent and stipend. The lover also reneged on the promise of providing capital for her business. (Punch)

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