I Hate You Daddy! Useless Man – MayD’s First Babymama Uses His Son To Shame Him (Video)

May d

Wow! Wow! Wow! Words cannot describe this, Emotional blackmail! Some women be doing the most! Mr. MayD’s first babymama made a video where she got his son to utter the most disgusting words ever to his daddy, she said the words and forced the kid to repeat after her, the words were:  Daddy is a bad man, a useless man, I hate you daddy, he left me because of a man, he left me because of another woman, I hate you daddy, useless man. Whilst I am very shocked by this attitude, I am not surprised, because people like Linda Ikeji and Tonto Dikeh preach this all day long online trying to teach women how to “deal” with “useless” men and then flaunt their ill gotten gains online playing the role of a god and model to these poor ladies, my heart bleeds much for all these girls and the next generation coming up, do you think what she did was right?

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