Kim Kardashian 2015 customized Range Rover goes up for sale at $85k

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian West’s 2015 customized Range Rover has been put up for sale at $85k, which means if you have the cash, you can ride like Kim.

Kim Kardashian’s loss of a car could be your next ride if you got an extra $85k lying around, its as simple as that.

Kim’s customized 2015 Land Rover Range Rover V8 is up for grabs for anyone who can afford it, it is now for sale at just $85,880 through Laguna Hills-based dealership Rosso Corsa.

An employee at Rosso Corsa told popular news website TMZ, that they recently came into possession of Kim’s family vehicle, which she was often seen driving over the past few years.

Kim Kardashian 2015 customized Range Rover goes up for sale at $85k lailasnews 1

That’s right Kim’s was in that seat, and now you, too, could plant it for a bit of deal, if we’re being honest. The dealer said the car originally went for $151k, so about $66k in depreciation ain’t half bad. Plus, it’s got all the bells and whistles.

The Range Rover already comes super decked out, with 24″ platinum Agetro wheels, a custom matte silver paint job and really sweet interior.

All in all, sources say an estimated $20k went into pimping this ride to her liking.

TMZ were also told a bunch of makeup and toys were found inside upon delivery. That makes sense since it was her mom-mobile, after all.

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