What Arya’s Plan Might Be for ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 and How It’ll Fail

Arya stark

​Perhaps no journey on the HBO fantasyepic ‘Game of Thrones’ has been as harrowing or trying as ​Arya Starks’. The young noblegirl began the series as a precocious little girl and, through a long trek which included being masquerading as a servant boy, being the prisoner of a disfigured warrior, and training with the Faceless Men, transformed into an efficient, calculating assassin.

While it’s unclear what her exact plans are for the upcoming final season of the show, she’ll likely be trying to complete her kill list of all the figures who wronged her in the past. She’s done a fairly good job of taking names off the list so far, but a new ‘Game of Thrones’ theory posits that not only will she be focused on the biggest name left on her list, but doing so will be her undoing.


Cersei Lannister not only orchestrated the events around Arya’s father’s death, but has inadvertently been making Arya’s travels harder ever since she escaped King’s Landing. She is currently the most important player still on ​Arya’s kill list, so it stands to reason that Arya will go for her next.

Now according to prophecy, Cersei can only be killed by a “little brother.” But the prophecy was delivered in High Valyrian, which famously does not specify gender, so ​Arya, one of the younger Stark siblings, could still technically fulfill Cersei’s fate. If she does manage to sneak into King’s Landing and assassinate Cersei, she could even steal her face and identity to command the Lannister armies.


Unfortunately, the theory also spells out how this plan will backfire. Though only a few people currently know it, Cersei is in the early stages of pregnancy. If ​Arya, who is not in the know, kills Cersei and tries to impersonate her, she’d have to explain where her baby bump suddenly went to people who ask about it. This would likely lead to the Mountain cutting her down. (Floor8)

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