William and Kate’s children set to join Harry and Meghan’s bridal party

Word has it that Princess Charlotte and Prince George will play key roles in the royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

William and Kate's children set to join Harry and Meghan's bridal party Lailasnews 1

The news was revealed by Kensington Palace this morning when they revealed the identities of both the bridesmaids and page boys.

The bridal party is made up of children of both of their families and friends, featuring five from Harry’s family and five from Meghan’s.

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This revelation also debunks the rumours that only 2 members of Meghan’s family had been invited to the wedding.

The youngest bridesmaid is only 2 years old.

There are six bridesmaids and four page boys – making a total of 10.

It is the first big announcement about the wedding from Windsor Castle so far this week.

Princess Charlotte, will be joined by three-year-old Florence van Cutsem, to be bridesmaids.

She is the goddaughter of Prince Harry, daughter of Alice van Cutsem and Major Nicholas van Cutsem.

Other bridesmaids include Remi Litt, aged 6 – goddaughter of Meghan and daughter of Meghan’s friends Benita and Darren Litt.

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Her older sister Rylan Litt, 7, also Meghan’s goddaughter, will also be a bridesmaid.

Ivy Mulroney, 4, the daughter of Jessica Mulroney and Benedict Mulroney, will also be a bridesmaid.

Jessica, a PR expert and stylist, is best friend’s with Meghan and has been dubbed as her ‘secret wedding planner’.

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Zalie Warren, aged 2, is the goddaughter of Prince Harry and daughter of Zoe Warren and Jake Warren – and the youngest bridesmaid of the group.

Her father Jake, 27, is the son of John Warren, the Queen’s racing manager, and one of Diana’s 17 godchildren.

He is one of the closest friends of the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry, who he attended Ludgrove Preparatory School and Eton College with.

Along with Prince George page boys are Master Jasper Dyer, 6, is the godson of Prince Harry and son of Amanda Dyer and Mark Dyer M.V.O.

Harry paid tribute to former mentor and close friend Mark Dyer by requesting his son Jasper as a pageboy.

Mr Dyer, a redhead like the prince, was a supportive big brother figure for Harry during the 1990s and early 2000s, when the teenager was coming to terms with the death of his mother Diana, Princess of Wales.

Master Brian Mulroney, seven, is the son of Mrs Jessica Mulroney and Mr Benedict Mulroney.

His twin brother Master John Mulroney, also seven will also feature in the big day as a page boy.

The 6 bridesmaids and four page boys will have the eyes of the world watching them on Saturday as they carry out their crucial wedding day roles.

Kensington Palace said their dresses and page boy uniforms would be revealed on the day.

Meghan and Jessica have been friends for years and used to work together on Meghan’s lifestyle blog The Tig, which she gave up shortly before getting engaged to Harry in November 2017.

Three-year-old Florence van Cutsem’s cousin featured in the wedding of Kate and William 6 years ago.

Grace Van Custem stole the show when she appeared on the balcony and covered her ears as thousands cheered outside Buckingham Palace.

The palace has already announced that Ms Markle is not having a maid of honour because she did not want to choose just one person from her close-knit group of friends

Kate is likely to play a supervisory role for the young pageboys and bridesmaids, something she did when her younger sister, Pippa, married James Matthews last year.

The duchess was spotted giving a polite warning to the youngsters in her charge, who included George and Charlotte, holding her finger to her lips to make sure they were quiet as they entered the church.

William and Kate's children set to join Harry and Meghan's bridal party Lailasnews 8

We still are not sure who will walk Meghan down the isle.

However, speculations have been that her mother will.

The wedding is set to take place on Saturday the 19th of May, 2018 at the St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, Windsor, United Kingdom.

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