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‘Aisha Buhari was almost shut out of government’ – Group says Remi Tinubu needs prayers

'Aisha Buhari was almost shut out of government' - Group says Remi Tinubu needs prayers %Post Title

A pro-democracy group known as The Natives, says Oluremi Tinubu, wife of President , needs prayers.

In a statement on Monday, Smart Edwards, leader of the group, said the president’s wife needs prayers because Aisha Buhari, the immediate past first lady, was almost shut out of her husband’s government.

Two years after former President Muhammadu Buhari assumed office, Aisha threatened not to support his re-election bid if things did not change for the good of citizens.

In 2019, months after Buhari won a second term, “bad people” had taken over the country on her husband’s watch.

Edwards said Oluremi has a “divine” duty to protect her husband, support his vision and speak up for citizens.

“Governance has begun, people are realising that we have a country to build, there’s no room for distractions for now, Nigerians should allow Tinubu’s family to deliver on the mandate given to them,” he said.

“Critics should leave Sen. Oluremi Tinubu alone. She has become the mother of the nation, she has the divine duty to protect her husband, support his vision and speak for expectant Nigerians.

“Former first lady, Aisha Buhari, was almost shut out of the government she laboured for until she had to speak up for voters and citizens.

“So when they called Tinubu ‘Bala blu’, Oluremi was there as his comforter, when they said he was shaking after his victory at the APC presidential primary election, Oluremi was his companion.

“When Tinubu was almost demonised on the issue of Muslim-Muslim ticket, we told the world that Oluremi is a pastor and also a reliable daughter of Niger Delta.

“We as Natives appreciate their harmony, friendship and her role as a pillar to her husband.”

Edwards said many Nigerians are ready for difficult decisions that would transform the country. (The Cable)

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